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Was charged for mic fix that my phone didn't even need due to worker's wrong observation

Won't use this shop anymore; had used in the past and got decent service but my recent experience showed me that some who work there are dishonest. I recently purchased Iphone7 & thought microphone was faulty. I inquired about this at another shop & they told me the bottom microphone must be faulty. When I visited mobile hub, the guy said that the problem is the top microphone & not the bottom. I was then charged £30 & he replaced it. After replacing it when I took the phone out the shop, I saw the phone microphone wasn't clear again & the same thing happened. He told me to go home reset the software and see if that helps so I did and came back the next day with same issue. After going back, he figured out that the problem was me in fact covering the bottom microphone with my hand & that is why the sound was muffled. This was correct however my sensor stopped working after his replacement which he fixed. My issue is that I shouldn't have been charged for top mic fix that I didn't need!

If the worker makes a mistake in the problem and then replaces something that didn't need replacing, they should then refund.   28-07-18


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